Published On 23 March 2014 | By DJ Blast | JAZZ, NEO-BLUES, NEO-SOUL


Berkley native songstress Xiomara grabbed our attention with a small gift titled ATCO: A Tribute. The project consists of an original revisitation of two hip hop classic: Electric Relaxation by A Tribe Called Quest and So Fresh,So Clean by Outkast.

We are not in front of a same old re-work EP, but we are in front of an arresting reinterpreation hanging in the balance between neo-blues and jazz that definitely struke our soul. The impressive vocal skills by Xiomara together with the flawless record session with live instruments cared by Bay Area producer Billion Coast, catapulted us into an acoustic vintage landscape!

Xiomara is currently working on her debut album ,shoulder to shoulder with Amerigo Gazaway,co-founder together Wally Clark of the label Gummy Soul

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