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TWINKIDS - ACBTY scratchtheblock born with the main aim to spread and support quality black music!

Ok,ok, maybe the term “black music” sounds too general but we conceive black music as a huge kaleidoscope of genres that encompasses hip-hop (old-school in particular), jazz-hop,jazz,neo-soul,r&b….but we can’t overlook experimental,avant-garde sonorities that the current music scene has to offer: future soul,nu-jazz,alt-r&b and downtempo. is an “off limit zone” for rock,house,pop,pure electronic music,techno and the list goes on!

Are we close-minded? Maybe…but we’re trying to create a place where people can find the right vibe,the right music,the right rhythm produced,played and performed by artists that deserve your attention!

Today we spotlight Ohio native and L.A-based duo TwinKids.

We stumbled upon their recent treat titled ACBTY and wow…..although we ‘re not admirers of electro-pop music , in this case we have to admit the track sounds eargasmic.

Recorded in Chi-Town, ACBTY is an alt-r&b love song skilfully produced using stretched orchestral samples from old recordings, voluptuous and downtempo rhythm (that evoke panty dropper music a la Maxwell!!) with seductive laid back vocals nestled in an electronic frame.

The result?

Listen closely and let us know your impressions!

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