Published On 9 September 2015 | By DJ Blast | NEO-BLUES, NEO-SOUL, R&B


At we like to experience new and original sounds!

London based  singer, songwriter and producer Tom Bailey knocks on our doors to give us a lil taste of his remarkable artistry and we’re so excited to invite our audience to get familiar with this bona-fide artist listening the track titled Renaissance composed, arranged, produced and performed by himself.

The cinematic warm sound is a top-notch concoction of ragged guitars and heavenly harmonies that depict a kind of music that breaks out of a more traditional R&B mold.

Mr.Bailey flirts with r&b,soul and even rock creating a panty-dropping refined tune that will undress your soul!

If you love projects like Wildheart by Miguel or Religion by alternative duo CharlieRED don’t miss Renaissance and don’t forget to support Tom Bailey music.

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