Slakah The Beatchild – Soul Movement Vol.1 (Album Recommended)

Published On 19 September 2013 | By DJ Blast | HIP HOP UNDERGROUND, NEO-SOUL

Slakah The Beatchild - Soul Movement Vol..1

This morning i had breakfast eating pancakes and a cup of coffee,listening to Soul Movement Vol. 1 a perfect example of originality and good way to make beats! Canadian producer,musician and performer Slakah The Beatchild confirms that talented artists are not a US prerogative, just think about Drizzy Drake or Melanie Fiona! He become surely one of my fave producer and artist thanks is majestic multitasking genius!! 3 years ago he released the first part of the Soul Movement series ( as soon as he will drop the second volume). The project consist to  an eclectic and organic work of neo-soul,r&b,hip hop and chill vibes ! Slakah gained much respect to catch the attention of one of the most influential label,the BBE records!!! If you never listened to Soul Movement Vol.1 , maybe it’s the time to taste this 5 stars project!!!

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