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The figure behind the project named The Rurals, is Andy Compton one of the most respected deep-house music players on the planet. The question is: “why spotlights deep-house? What is the connection between deep-house and a black music site? ” To answer this question, we should suggest ya to listen to two of his album that we recommended here on da block: Compton’s Soul or Shades Of Green . If ya already listened to the aforementioned albums , we can argue that surely you will appreciate also the project that we are going to show ya!

Rural Soul consists of a delectable gathering of several singles from Rurals’s huge production, so you can taste something from Emotional Feelings ,10th Chapter,Messages,Nettle Soul,The Rural Life.

The essence of the music included on this must have compilation is a perfect balance between jazz,deep-house and neo-soul , with also some sophisticated intrumentals that give the proof of the incredible and indisputable talent of Andy Compton.

The intriguing voice of U.K singer Marie Tweek is anotha reason to pay attention to Rural Soul, she takes your hands, accompanying you into a music dimension that exudes soulful beats,seductive and relaxing vibrations as well as jazzy warm sounds!

The main fact is that Andy Compton is much more than a international house DJ/producer, he was able during his long,fruitful and  prolific career to offer a wide array of sounds looking towards different styles : jazz, soul,African music and the list goes on…

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