The Rooks – Something You Can Take (Neo-Soul Album Recommended)

Published On 9 September 2013 | By DJ Blast | NEO-SOUL


Recently an interesting neo-soul project catched my attention!! I’m talking about Something You Can Take by fresh group called The Rooks from New York!!! This little jem is a marvelous,elegant and original EP. A fresh breath of soul mixed with jazzy beats will bring your soul into an intense vortix of emotions!!! When i heard for the first time the first track, called Rita i was instantly falling in love! Clear and sophisticated i really appreciated this young talented sextet!!! Here you are their EP!!!! Feel good music my people!!!

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One Response to The Rooks – Something You Can Take (Neo-Soul Album Recommended)

  1. The Rooks The Rooks says:

    Thanks so much for featuring us on blog! Where are you from? I see some Italiano on your website!

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