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SCRATCHTHEBLOCK THE NIGHTBIRDS - MIDNIGHT RUN Yap, we know we know…we’re  annoyingly picky when it comes to selecting and spotlighting music…but honestly.. we want to maintain an editorial line independent from constrictions and rigidities imposed by brands,sponsors,big majors and above all million requests for “paid/sponsored reviews”.

Anyway, let’s get back to the business cool people!

Founded in 2012 by DJ/producer  Jean Janin aka Cézaire , Roche Musique is a french label that is literally shaking the local scene through incredible sounds , encompassing house music but also urban rhythms like r&b. Well, to be honest Roche Musique roster is earning positive feedback at international level through articles from Earmilk,Okayplayer,Thump and many other influential music media platforms. 

Having said that , we want to introduce to you a musical project created by three talented artists from Roche roster: The Nightbirds.

We have no difficulty in describing The Nightbirds as the most interesting project of the year , so we’re writing this article in order to spread their sound here in New York and in Milan (Italy) because (you can bet your asses!!) it deserves your attention.

The Nightbirds is the amazing,creative,ingenious project brainchild of french producers FKJ, Darius, Crayon and Berlin-based vocalist Wayne Snow.

Let us serve you up a brief description in order to get familiar with each artist involved on The Nightbirds.

  • Terrence N’Guyen aka Darius is an uprising french producer whose craft spans from house to funk and disco.
  • Crayon is a cool producer , selfmade DJ with a musical background that flirts with late 70’s pop such as Alan Parsons , funk and house music.
  •  French Kiwi Juice better known as FKJ is a parisian house/electronic producer who forced us to prick up our ears with the interesting project Take Off , proving to be more than a simple house/electronic producer through impressive pieces such as Learn To Fly and Waiting.
  • Kesiana Ukochovbara aka Wayne Snow is the essential element that completes The Nightbirds sound with his so-fucking-sublime voice

Well, together these brilliant artists combine their incredible skills to leave the “comfort zone” in order to plumb an other side of music!

The final result is an epic improvisation , a sonic-brainstorming that gave us the sublime 1st Session , (peep out the visual) where jazz sonorities,nuances of hip-hop beats and soulful supa-refined landscapes are finely complimented by Wayne Snow smooth and gentle vocals. 

Now make you a favor, pour yourself a glass of red red wine , dim the lights , close your eyes and vibe with us experiencing the brilliant sound of the song titled Midnight Run.


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