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TAY WALKER - A CRAZY THING CALLED LOVE scratchtheblockWe live in New York, Flatbush to be exact but damn…we have to admit the Los Angeles area is cranking out a lot of quality music.

Recently great projects poured down on us , exciting our senses …so we can sing the praises of Ill Camille and her Heirloom , Terrace Martin is almost ready to release Sounds Of Crenshaw Vol.1 with his side project The Pollyseeds , Iman Omari warmed up his fans with Move Too Fast from the forthcoming  IHY LP , Matt Martians dropped a solo project called The Drum Chord Theory and we can go on again n again……

Today we’re happy to listen to a brand new single written,produced and performed by Tay Walker.

Try to define the talent of Mr.Walker without falling into the trap of banality is not easy !

The Inglewood multi-talented artist is known for his collaborations along side The Internet (playing the keys on Purple Naked Ladies and working on the masterpiece Feel Good as composer, featured Artist, keyboardist as well as producer) but we prefer to focus our attention on his individual skills.

In 2015 Tay Walker released his debut project entitled 25Hours A Day giving to the world a taste of his boundless potential and seducing with pieces like Karma.

During a little conversation Tay told us he’s currently working on a new project called OWSTN (One Way Street No Nowhere ) and we want to share with you the sublime song titled A Crazy Thing Called Love.

It’s a slow burning track that will enrapture your senses and will take you to the clouds above!

Make sure you to check out the official music video which hosts young los angeleno artist Kleva GTD.

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