Well,well, many scratchers asked for more jazz-hop music……… Our fans are the motivation to spread the best black music in the world, the kind of music that u can’t miss, that u MUST have on...

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Wassup folks! Are you ready for anotha supa-dupa selection of jazzy-hop tunes? This is Jazzy-Hop Chronicles and it’ s betta if you take your best headphones and amplify the volume!! We start with a massive...

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Gas-Lab and Traum Diggs – Jazz Hop

October 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

Jazzy-hop pioneers like Guru and Digable Planets made us fall in love with this rhythmic and sophisticated niche genre! Argentinian producer Gas-Lab blowed our mind with his collaborative album with Brooklyn emcee Traum Diggs: Jazz Hop...

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