Published On 18 July 2017 | By DJ Blast | R&B


Today’s topic: Soundcloud failure!!

Maybe y’all have heard the news about Soundcloud impending collapse and we’re worried about that!


Well , the renowned platform established itself as a staple for bloggers,journalists,labels and above all artists ,be they musicians,producers,beatmakers,rappers or singers.

For us , soundcloud represents the perfect source to discover what world has to offer in terms of quality music and one of the reason we love the Berlin based platform deeply is the capability to foster mutual support between artists (in these terms it’s a game-changing!!).

Well, we hope to continue to scout out “the cloud” for a long time to come (let’s keep our fingers crossed !)

After this brief digression , let’s get back to our favorite business: new music.

Today we invite y’all to experience something new and we highly recommend to listen closely the track we’re going to serve you up.

Born and raised in Los Angeles , Olivia Quillin known as Swsh popped up under scratchtheblock.com radar with a so fucking interesting piece called Flowers.

Inspired by icons such as Amy Winehouse,Billie Holiday and well-known artists like SZA and golden-boy Chance The Rapper , Swsh impressed us through a well-rounded talent , infact she sings, she raps equipped with a voice that sounds consistent, raw, full of emotion and power but she’s also able to produce her own material using her skills as musician.

Flowers is a supa-soulful, ear-catchy piece performed by a young artist with great potential , so hats off Ms. Quillin and now show to the world what a rookie can do!

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