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scratchtheblock SOIA FEAT. RAASHAN AHMAD - A PORCUPINE'S AGENDA (PRODUCED BY MEZ)DJ Junior and his Philly based indipendent label Record Breakin’ Music continues to push quality music around the globe,exciting our senses and inviting us to explore a wide range of music including jazz, soul, hip hop, latin grooves, afro-beat, broken beat and everything in-between. RBM houses a fleet of brilliant artists such as Kissey Asplund,Columbia Nights,Coultrain,Sam Champ,Buscrates,Joy Jones,Ohmega Watts,Pat Van Dyke and Antony Valadez just to name a few!

After introducing to the world the talent of viennese singer/songwriter Sophia Hagen better known by the stage name Soia , launching her debut project entitled Mood Swings , today the Philadelphia label drops Soia sophomore opus called H.I.O.P which stands for Hidden in Obvious Places.

We have to say , H.I.O.P proves the immeasurable talent of Soia,who,once again,recruits her longstanding partner-in-crime Mez in order to create anotha solid and eclectic body of work.

The cosmopolitan duo join their skills and cultural background (that encompasses different countries from Israel to Taiwan,from Italy to Austria and inevitably has a strong influence on their sound) to offer a compelling album.

Daniele Zipin aka Mez is a pianist and producer, with a sound that is pretty close to the mogul Jay Dee in terms of feel-good and melodic beats but it would be foolish to overlook the fact that his sonic palette is more than hip-hop,infact it includes a kinda of dark,moody rhythms,nuances of jazz,electronic,funk and a balanced use of samples.

We serve you up what we consider the centerpiece of the entire album: A Porcupine’s Agenda

The ultra-mellow neo-soul piece is a flawless collaboration with Trenton native rapper Raashan Ahmad,which returns the favor to Mez after his contribution to Ahmad masterpiece Ceremony.

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