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After a month, we come back with a brand new ultra-dope jazz-hop selection for da lovers out there!!

This is a special appointment, because teams up with Orion Anakaris  , founder of U.K netlabel HardJazz7 , specialized in hip-hop, with a deep penchant for jazz-hop music!

Ope Alayande aka Orion Anakaris is first of all an artist , influenced by a wide array of genres, including: jazz, hip hop, disco, funk and soul but also UK Garage and house. Listening to his remarkable production ,you can taste a kind of groove that reminds some of his most inspirational beatsmiths like Pete Rock, Large Pro, Erick Sermon, Da Beatminerz and Buckwild.

Well we are so proud to collaborate with Ope and his label in order to spread the best hip-hop music with spicy jazzy flava.

Prepare yourself for a new journey into 20 dope tracks that include some successess from the past and buzz-worthy gems from the present.

Scratchers all around the world this is WALKING WITH THE GIANTS


We start with a brilliant supa-fucking-massive underground hip-hop track titled Freestyle Method performed by 3 Steps From Nowhere and included on their magnetic album 30 Degrees Below Funk dropped in 2003. Lazy, Black Crow and Rimshot killed the joint with their old school rhymes… Simply sumptuous!!

The next artist is a new entry here on da block: his name is MC ADaD. He’s an emcee from Chi-Town with a great talent that gained the attention of luminaries like Q-Tip. We put our hands on his unblemished project titled The Stolen Arts , where ADaD spits his raw bars over Q-Tip, Waajeed, Slot-A, Tall Black Guy beats. We chose the jazzy track titled EULO. It’s a sparkling production by Chicago producer Kenny Keys (he appeared on That’s It)

In 2005 former member of D.I.T.C , A.G released his sophomore solo full-length album titled Get Dirty Radio counting on the support of some heavyweight: Madlib,Oh No,Lord Finesse,J.Dilla,Jake One. We show you the remix version of the track titled WHODAT.  Essential Knowledge aka Es-K revamps the original joint imprinting his arresting style, creating a must have jazz-hop beat that will you excite. Es-K outputs are so impressive. Take a look to his soundcloud

After delighted the audience with  Vinyl Ritchie ,South Carolina emcee/producer Amiri Gamble released, on February  his last effort titled This Is Part Time under HiPNOTTRecords . Taste the jazzy vibe of the spectacular Check It Out Ya’ll. Amiri appeared on several dope selections: It’s A Jazz-Hop Affair , On Deck , In Stereo , Beats 4 Breakfast and That’s It

In 2005 El Da Sensei and Tame One aka Artifacts dropped a 12″ under Jazzy Sport label. It’s Getting Hot, masterfully remixed by legendary DJ/producer K-Def (Lords Of The Underground,World Renown,Ol’ Dirty Bastard,P.Diddy). Artifacts appeared on Jazz-Hop Hooray

French collective Jazz Liberatorz is one of the most prominent exponent of the jazz-hop scene! We are great fan of the music produced by Madhi, DJ Damage and Dusty and their studio album Clin D’Oeil represents a jazz-hop quality standard for everyone who appreciate this kind of genre! We chose the single titled I Am Hip-Hop with the solid rhymes by Gabriel Benn better known as Asheru . Jazz Lib appeared on Speaking In Keys , A Touch Of Jazzy and on Stay Mellow

Back in da 1994 when Hawaii native basketball player Cedric Ceballos picked up the mic releasing a 12” titled Flow On under Los Angeles label,Immortal Records.  Cedric teamed up with Long Beach rapper Warren G and mastermind producer Buckwild, that gave his own special treatment remix! DJ Buckwild appeared on Digging In The Crates , The Remix Session Vol.5 and Beyond The Rhythm

Next stop, Crown City Rockers!!! It’s a jazz-hop collective composed by Rashaan Ahmad on da mic, Kat Ouano on keyboard,Max MacVeety on drum and producers Headnodic and Woodstock. In 2004 this interesting live band/hip-hop group released the album titled Earthtones from which we chose the compelling joint called 10:53. Check out the remix version cared by Desmond Hollins aka Katrah-Quey ,a bona-fide talent born in New Orleans. Smooth jazzy beats that will conquer all of you!!

Time to spotlight anotha Brooklyn young soulja!!! Just as Joey Bada$$ , Dillon Cooper hits our soul with his cool style that evokes the tipical old school hip-hop. Dynamic flow,well executed rhymes for a kid that earned his stripes with his debut mixtape titled Cozmik . We selected the gem titled Everyday Life produced by Los Angeles based producer Esbe . Esbe’s craft is focused on trip-hop  and hip-hop beats inspired by Nujabes, DJ Krush, Bonobo, DJ Shadow, Aphex Twin, Portishead, Thievery Corporation, Pete rock and J.Dilla.

On da selection Them Dirty Jazz-Hop , we highlited something about The Upstarts , a buzz-worthy trio composed by Iron Mike (DJ,Producer),Price One (Emcee) and Profile (of Sound Providers) . The outstanding joint that we are going to introduce, is titled Grand Design produced by Freddie Joachim and performed by Grap Luva and Kev Brown. Enjoy da beat!



Lords Of The Underground – What I’m After.

K-Def went crazy on the production of this, If you’re familiar with his body of work, you’ll instantly recognize the drums used on it (he’s used It a number of times). You couple that with a filtered melody and some really dope horns, you get this golden age hip hop banger. The vocals compliment the song well and a section of Redman’s highly revered first verse from “Tonight’s Da Night” form the chorus. The 12 inch Vinyl for this single is highly recommended

Pete Rock  CL Smooth – It’s On You

Pete and CL’s “The Main Ingredient” album is essential listening for all fans of jazz driven hip hop. Pete very cleverly chops up the Ahmad Jamal keys and adds his signature rhythmic and heavily compressed drums. The eerie sounding vocals from the Tom Scott song are pitch matched to the keys, which I always thought was unique. Both Pete and CL deliver meaningful verses about betrayal and disloyal people.

Diverse – Ain’t Right

This beat probably falls into my top 10 Madlib productions of all time; perhaps because It sounds like he really put his foot into the drum programming (Madlib is renowned for using little or no drums on several songs). The sampled keys are the icing on the cake. Diverse’s verses and storytelling style are quite deep. Funnily enough when I heard him initially his flow and vocal cadence reminded me of Talib Kweli’s, although not as nasal

Pro Era – School High 

BrandUn DeShay proves that sometimes simple is the most effective mode. Case in point with this song where a looped up Bilal beat provides the backdrop for Pro Era’s fun raps.

Guru – Transit Ride

Sax, Synthetic Substitution Drums and Storytelling

Melanin. 9 – Cosmos

Anatomy is one of my favourite UK Hip Hop producers and beats like this are the reason why. The drums and sample are so on point! I heard It the first time and couldn’t stop replaying It. M9 does the beat justice with his crazy imagery and observative raps about the ills of inner city life.

CRДM – Shook Ones Pt.0

My mouth dropped when I heard this on CRДM’s SoundCloud. It sounds like something that would have fit right in on Madlib and MF Doom’s “Madvillainy” album. The Prodigy’s vocals are really gritty but CRДM manages to balance out the original tone with chopped up rhodes and drums that get your head nodding along almost instantly. He’s always quite secretive about his projects so It will be interesting to see where It ends up and what the full body of work ends up sounding like.

Jean Grae – My Angel Is You

Jean had bar patterns and emotion driven vocals, which went nicely to this blues themed production by P. And The Committee. Emotional/reflective raps are often difficult to listen to If the person rapping has a boring personality or the production sounds dead, but this song comes together quite well. The NY barsmith has definitely cemented her place in the relationship rap category, far different to some of the much earlier underground raps under the name What?What?

Lord Finesse – Soul Plan

This song appeared on the Game Plan/Actual Facts 12 inch Vinyl release. It has all the elements I like in a dope Jazz influenced Hip Hop song. Dinky Bingham’s rhodes play through out most of It while Finesse works his magic on the bass, drums and other elements including vocals. Roy Ayers vibraphone compliments the beat well and prevents the production arrangement from going stale.

Phony Ppl. – nothinG Special

Great drum loop, rhodes, and raps about the complexity of cheating

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