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Scratchtheblock Presents Vainsmith

When we talk about hip hop femcees we think some artists of the past like: MC Lyte,Erykah Badu,Lauryn Hill,Missy Elliot,Bahamadia,Da Brat! But we can find some interesting names also nowadays,just think female rappers like: Akua Naru,Tone Trezure and Vainsmith!

Well today we introduce you Virginia based femcee , Vainsmith! After we listened her single called Delight,produced by german talented  Evil Needle and included on The Summer Of ’87 (you can buy it via Bandcamp) what we thought was “Damn,who the hell is ? This is really fucking dope!”. Soulful and relaxing flow mixing with badass rhymes! Definitely this is swank! We interviewed her, and we have to say we met  an intelligent,respectful and delightful person! Only some considerations: as talent scout and musical critics we able to recognize a genuine talent,so we think Vainsmith got the game and we think she have to focus her musical skills on underground and soulful beats to became a star!

So take a look to our exclusive interview with Vainsmith!

STB: Well, howdy Miss Vainsmith, thank you to give us this exclusive interview,you welcome! What is your musical background?

VS: I’d like to firstly say thank you for wanting to even interview me in the first place. It really means a lot to me as an artist that’s really just starting out. My music background actually stems from having a love for art in general. I never played instruments or messed around with producing but I’ve always known that I had a lyrically visual gift that has always been there since I could remember. That could also be due to my parents being young adults in the 80’s. They were locally known rappers back then.

STB: As we could see, your music seem characterized by a nice mixture of soulful sounds and hip hop rhymes! Neo-Soul music is living an interesting rebirth and hip hop soul groove got many fans thanks artists like The Globetroddas, Hawk House and wonderful reworks and original productions by rising producers like Tall Black Guy, Evil Needle and others! What about your collabo with producer Evil Needle?

VS: I’m actually happy to see artist & producers mixing Neo Soul, Jazz & Hip Hop sounds in the manner that they are. It makes me pretty proud as a listener because I have such a great respect for artist who came before me such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Sarah Vaughan & etc. As far as my collab with Evil Needle the track Delight was actually the first song that I sent to him. I wasn’t sure how he was going to take it but he responded well to it & Angel came about after listening to his beat tapes in more depth. He’s an amazing producer!

STB: Talk to us about artists that influenced your music!

VS: Artist that have influenced my music would have to be Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, MC Lyte, Common, Kanye West, Nas & the list really goes on. While Hip Hop is my love it isn’t my first love. Growing up I listened to a lot of Pop & Soul. Through the years I have really been able to sit down, listen & truly appreciate the great Jazz legends such as Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Sarah Vaughan & the list goes on. I’m influenced by many artist to say the least.

STB: Have ya got an idea about performers and producers with which would you like to join for a possible  future project?

VS: If it were possible I’d love to work with Erykah Badu, Childish Gambino, Stalley, Common,  J. Cole, Action Bronson, Jay-Z, Janelle Monae, Jesse Boykins III, Kendrick Lamar, Nitty Scott MC, Rapsody, Alex Isley, Marie Dahlstrom, Elli Ingram, Gary Clark Jr, Frank Ocean, Esperanza Spalding, Terrace Martin, Tall Black Guy, TaeBeast,  BJ The Chicago Kid & the list goes on to be quite honest.

STB: What is your point of view about femcees of the past like MC Lyte, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Foxy Brown, Da Brat, Bahamadia and femcees of the new generation like Nicki Minaj, Rapsody, Akua Naru? Do you see an involution or an evolution?

VS: I grew up truly admiring female hip hop artist from the past. Lauryn Hill, MC Lyte, Bahamadia, Left Eye, Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah, Lil Kim & Eve were my biggest influences. I grew up having a different respect for what they brought to the game as individual artist as well as what they stamped in hip hop as a whole in the 90’s to early 2000’s. I have nothing but love and admiration for them & to be quite honest I’m actually happy to have had them to look up to because where would females stand today in hip hop?I don’t knock anyones hustle or try to look down on anyones creativity as I am an artist with my own thoughts & ideas. Nicki Minaj is someone that I listen to & admire. She’s doing her thing & I respect her for her grind. Rapsody is a big inspiration of mines & definitely more so someone that I’d like to take notes from. She’s lyrically honest & her music is relatable to me. I think there’s room for many female artist with many different approaches. I see it happening already & I just hope that it continues. I don’t feel like there’s enough to be honest.

STB: Internet era gives unknown artists great possibilities to make a name for theirself. How was your approach to the music scene?

VS: I can only speak highly of the internet as it’s made many opportunities possible for me that would not be possible without it. When I started making music I had no knowledge at all but with the help of google & youtube I started learning new things about music productions, digital workstations, microphones, blogs, radio spins & things of that nature. You can learn everything there is to know about music but if you aren’t serious about it none of what you learned will take you far.You have to start from the ground & continuously build up from there. I started from nothing & now slowly starting to make something from just learning from my mistakes. I’ve learned many things along the way. One thing is for sure – you must network with people & get your name out there. Social media is very important when trying to build your brand. It’s not easy but if you’re serious it will slowly start to pan out. I’m actually still trying to figure out ways to approach the music scene as I am only just beginning my own journey as an artist.

STB: Thank you and we wish you good luck for your career and don’t forget: we focus on you!

VS: Thank you again for this opportunity!

Now it’s time to taste tha art of rhymes by Vainsmith, here you are!

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