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Soulful morning scratchers!!!  Today we present you The Urban Theme, a great selection of 10 tracks dedicated to all neo-soul lovers around the world.

We start with french neo-soul duo, Les Nubians with a must have impressive masterpiece titled Once In My Life, produced by Sébastien Arni aka Chief , a swiss beatmaker and founder of Feelin Music label. The extra-smooth gem is included on Collabo Collection an outstanding compilation that includes: Moka Only,Kissey Asplund,Blu,Sene.

Last year on September , we introduced ya a great neo-soul album by a talented artist named Lenny Hamilton Jr. The multifaceted artist from Nashville dropped in 2010 Wayout . The project deserves your attention so we put on this selection a single from Wayout titled Walk Away. Don’t forget to support artists that made real good music scratchers!!!!

Lashell Griffin is a new entry. The Detroit songstress conquered us with the single Get Away included on her debut album Free released in 2004.Free is a project that involved also Lashell husband, Lee Griffin (real interesting voice!!).

We got anotha new entry to satisfy your hunger of news!!  We have to admit that Lakecia Benjamin has been a wonderful discover also for us. During the listening of her album titled RETOX , the entire scratchtheblock staff goes crazy!!! The talented and multifaceted artist born in Washington Heights worked to sharp her prowess as musician (playing saxophone) as well as as composer and producer working alongside with Ben Kane to release RETOX. For the project Lakecia recruited some important names like:Krystle Warren, Amp Fiddler, Maya Azucena among others. We decided to introduce her with the single titled Share My Life remixed by Brooklyn producer DJ Center.

Baltimore producer/singer JSoul is often mentioned here on da block. He appeared on Low On Cash,Rich In Love , So Soulful and Lost In Lust , we also recommended his great project titled Black Sinatra. Today JSoul is again here, with a seductive,slow gem titled Diamond enhanced by Baltimore jazz musician Craig Alston. The track is included on Blue Midnight released in 2013.

The next track is performed by California singer Jasmine Nichol. With the album titled NoE released in 2013 she carves out her own lane. NoE is permeated by  squiggly and fuzzy sounds ,warm harmonies perfectly combined with the intriguing voice of Jasmine. She reminds us a lot of avant-garde artists like: Stacy Epps,Kissey Asplund,Arima Ederra. We chose the single titled Take’ em masterfully produced by New York based duo Allan Cole and Darien Victor Birks aka The Stuyvesants, that appeared on Remixes and Reworks and Spin That

Maybe for someone, the name of Geno Young is not familiar, but we guarantee that in the music industry he represents a  respected indie neo-soul singer/producer/songwriter. He collaborated with Erykah Badu,N’Dambi,Carmen Rodgers,Guru,Eric Roberson. Geno appeared on Stay Mellow 2 and today we show ya something really impressive from his album dropped in 2004 titled The Ghetto Symphony. The single is Broadway and it’s a cover of a 1963 record by The Drifters.

So many new entries today !!! The next group is Deep Street Soul a collective composed by Sol Loco (as drummer), Papa ‘J’ Hunter (as bassist),Matt ‘Guitars’ Green (as guitarist) and Ms. Monique. They are an  avant-garde expression of funky,retro-groove music with tints of soul! In 2011 Deep Street Soul released Look Out Watch Out from which we chose the single Fallin featuring Roxie Ray , that we mentioned on Class In Session Vol.2 with her Dojo Cuts’s collaboration.

We met Darrius Willrich on Lost In Lust and on Low On Cash,Rich In Love. His multitasking skills as producer,musician,songwriter as well as singer intrigued our mind since we listened to for da first time his album Can’tGet Enough . Today we recommend Get It On a wonderful track that combines elements of jazz with tipical neo-soul groove.

Surely neo-soul lovers out there will know the name of the artist that we are going to recommend. Born in Cleveland, Conya Doss represents one of our fav neo-soul songstress for one reason:  the impact that her music and her voice have had on our personal journey into neo-soul planet! Gifted of a huge talent not only as vocalist but also as songwriter and producer she gave us testeful food for soul. In 2002 she released her debut album titled A Poem To Ms.Doss from which we chose the sumptuous single So Fly. Now sit down and relax yourself beautiful people!

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