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Jazz-Hop represents a niche that deserve our attention! We are verifying a mass appeal that convinces us to spread more n more music.

Smokin’ Session is our gift to everyone that love jazz-hop beats!

The first tune is a jazzy compelling masterpiece by Zion I, an underground hip hop duo from California. The group is composed by producer/DJ Anthony Anderson aka AmpLive and rapper Steve Gaines known as Zumbi. The group released several albums but we chose True & Livin dropped in 2005. The gem titled Doin My Thang is a perfect example of the art to make dope beats and spit extra-raw conscious rhymes by Zion I.

Last year multifaceted musician/rapper/producer Terrace Martin dropped the avant-garde album 3Chord Fold showing is 360° talent: bass, vocoder, Fender Rhodes, mini moog, saxophone, keyboard bass, keyboards and mixing! Well it’s undeniable that this dude got the game!! For this selection we spin the wonderful track titled Gone featuring Robert Glasper on piano and co-produced by Quincy Jones. Don’t miss also 3Chord Fold-Remixed .

We recommended something bout People Under the Stairs on Jazz-Hop & Cadillac and In Stereo . Double K and Thes One are back with anotha solid jazz-hop smash from their American Men Vol. 1.  Let us serve you up Pulp Fiction featuring Nick Carter aka Murs .  It’s a real Must Have scratchers!!

On Jazz-Hop Affairs we introduced you Portland super-talented producer Phoniks. Today we wanna give a sumptuous remix highly recommended, from Phoniks mixtape Autumn In New York. On this project Phoniks put his creative genius over some underground hip hop classics: The Fugees,Notorius Big,Lord Finesse,The Artifacts. Hey,people prepare yaself for a standing ovation because Phoniks made something very very special with a classic by Mos Def: Travelling Man. Gotdamn , Phoniks deserve the attention of the entire world,so don’t esitate to support the artist.

Last year on September Maurice ” Mobetta” Brown pop up on radar, with an outstanding masterpiece, masterfully produced by DJ Center and featuring rappers Consequence,Stimulus and the classy collabo by Saunders Sermens and his trombone.The track is called Misunderstood Part II. The inflamed rhythm of this tune  will engage ya !!!

The next group is an interesting underground hip hop ensemble from North Caroline: Kooley High. The collective is composed by Tab-One, Charlie Smarts and femcee Rapsody. We chose a supa-sick single from their mixtape Kooley Is High titled Kooley Is High. It’s a jazz-hop brilliant production cared by french producer Antoine Chardayre aka Dela.

Are you ready for a wonderful new entry on da block? Ok, allow us to introduce you two talented artists that really really impressed us with remarkable skills and a sumptuous jazz-hop album. We are talking about Mark Canning aka ILL Treats musician, producer, re-mixer, engineer from the Brighton underground scene and emcee/producer Glad2Mecha from Arizona. The duo joined their forces to release Hello. We are totally fascinated by sharpened scratches,buzz-worthy jazz urban groove and flawless rhymes.. For all scratchers out there we selected the masterpiece titled Jazz.

Our friend Gas-Lab is often mentioned on We recommended something on Da Orchestra and Jazz-Hop Chronicle . His outstanding project titled Jazz-Hop paved the way for his international success thanks also the great and solid collaboration of Brooklyn emcee Traum Diggs. So many scratchers from China,London,Canada and New York appreciated Gas craft, asking for a similar work. We certified the quality of Gas-Lab production with anotha gem from the acclaimed Jazz-Hop. Ladies & gentlemen this his the seductive jazz-hop remix of the single Sax 5th Ave Flow

Do ya wanna hear some fresh dope jazz-hop flow? Well, put together Tucson beatmaker B3NBI and rapper Top Nax and the result is Combine Vibes. The duo released a dope single titled Okey Dokey OP, included on Autumn, a jazz-hop compilation dropped by U.K label Millennium Jazz.

In 1992 underground hip hop group Brand Nubian released In God We Trust . We wanna suggest ya a remix version of the classic Punks jump Up To Get Beat Down, cared by Diamond D that killes the beat with a solid revisitation with tints of jazz.

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