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Howdy scratchers, we need to spread some jazz-hop good vibrations for the lovers !

So pump the volume and enjoy the beats!

The first track is an underground hip hop classic by Mos Def called Mathematics dropped in 1999 with his debut solo album Black On Both Sides and produced by Primo! Ten years later, California super-producer and director of Mellow Orange, Freddie Joachim put his impressive skills on the record to release a jazz-hop remix,included on his 4th installment of The Joachim Remixes Series .

Dutch genius of the production, Moods is ready to show his special art of spin the record! In 2010 released his Traveling Through Sounds, an installment of instrumental beats and fresh and interesting remixes. We choose the remix version of Say Sumthin by Kev Brown. The track is a perfect blend between jazz groove and hip hop underground beats!

The next track is anotha masterful production by jazz-hop king Kero One. The track is called Give Thanks ,included on his debut classic album Windmills Of The Soul. The positive vibe of this majestic tune is a must have for your own collection.

After the departure  from acid jazz group Brand New Heavies in 1994, N’Dea Davenport released her self-titled solo album in 1998 with the collabo of super producer Dallas Austin! Bring It On is one of the single included on her album, but we wanna recommend you the remix treatment by the sumptuous hands of DJ Premier with  Guru‘s verses.

Exile and Johaz are Dag Savage an hip hop underground duo that this year released their project  The Dag Savage EP. The brilliant talent of Exile as producer and the spit verses by Joahz gave us a spectacular track called When It Rains. The jazz-hop track includes the collabo of Exile’s longstanding musical partner , Aloe Blacc.

Kendrick Jeru Davis, Omar Credle and Chubb Rock known with the moniker of Crooklyn Dodgers 95 made in 1995 a solid promo single, entitled Return Of  Crooklyn Dodgers. This massive beat is anotha must have for your music bible! The track is included on the official soundtrack  of Spike Lee crime move Clockers!

Anotha Freddie Joachim pretty jazz-hop remix from his Remixes Series! In this case Freddie revisited Common classic entitled Resurrection produced by No I.D.

People stand up for L.A underground emcee, BLU! The boy wonder give us his fantastic,catchy flow-rhymes with My Boy Blu.

One of the most renown underground hip hop group, Black Sheep released 3 years ago their fourth album called From The Black Pool Of Genius. So in 2010 they showed a kept intact talent ,in spite of almost 10 years from their debut on the stage! We choose the masterpiece named From The Record. 

The last track of this selection is a new entry on! Lousiana emcee , Alex Chadwick caught our attention with his art of rhymes! Influenced by artists like A Tribe Call Quest and Rakim, this talented rapper gave us a proof of his impressive skills with a project entitled SOULdope, and especially with a jazzy soulful single called Lousiana Sky. We will wait for your feedback about this artist. Free download via Bandcamp


Salve scratchers, abbiamo bisogno di diffondere un po di vibrazioni jazz-hop, che ne dite , siete dei nostri?

Aumentate il volume delle casse e godetevi i beats!

Si parte alla grande, con un classico underground di Mos Def intitolato Mathematics pubblicato nel 1999 con il suo debut album da solo artist,Black On Both Sides e magistralmente prodotto da Primo! Dieci anni piu’ tardi  il super-producer californiano e director della label Mellow Orange,Freddie Joachim, rispolvera il singolo con il suo proverbiale tocco jazz. Il pezzo e’ incluso nella quarta serie di The Joachim Remixes .

Il genio della produzione olandese,  Moods e’ pronto per mostrarvi la sua arte! Nel 2010 pubblica Traveling Through Sounds, progetto che include alcuni instrumental e originali remix dal tocco jazz. Abbiamo selezionato la remix version di Say Sumthin di Kev Brown. Perfetta miscela di jazz groove e hip hop underground beats!

Vi proponiamo ancora una volta , una produzione del re del jazz-hop, Kero One. Give Thanks ,e’ un singolo interessantissimo incluso nell’album di debutto, Windmills Of The Soul.

Dopo la divisione nel 1994 con il gruppo acid jazz Brand New Heavies , N’Dea Davenport pubblica nel 1998 il suo omonimo debut album con la collaborazione del producer Dallas Austin! Bring It On e’ uno dei singoli piu’ interessanti dell’album,ma noi vi proponiamo la remix version di DJ Premier e Guru‘.

Exile e Johaz sono i  Dag Savage , un duo hip hop underground che proprio quest’anno ha rilasciato l’omonimo album  The Dag Savage EP. Il brillante talento di Exile come producer e i versi di Joahz ci hanno regalato il singolo When It Rains, una jazz-hop track che vede la collaborazione dell’ex partner di Exile quando suonavano con lo stage name, Emanon, Aloe Blacc.

Kendrick Jeru Davis, Omar Credle e Chubb Rock noti come Crooklyn Dodgers 95 pubblicano nel 95 la potente,  Return Of  Crooklyn Dodgers, inclusa nell’ official soundtrack  del crime move di Spike Lee , Clockers!

Altro bellissimo remix di Freddie Joachim ! In questo caso Freddie rivisita un classico di  Common prodotto da No I.D. : Resurrection.

Tanto di cappello ad uno de rapper underground piu interessanti, BLU! Eccovi le sue catchy flow-rhymes : My Boy Blu.

Altro gruppo molto apprezzato dagli amanti dell’hip hop underground, i Black Sheep treanni fa pubblicano il loro quarto progetto, From The Black Pool Of Genius. Strano ma vero che a distanza di quasi dieci anni dal loro debutto, siano stati in grado di proporre ottima musica senza snaturarsi. Sentite un po come suona il singolo.From The Record!

L’ultimo pezzo e’ una new entry qui su! L’emcee della Lousiana , Alex Chadwick  ci colpito proponendoci interessanti pezzi. Influenzato da artisti quali, A Tribe Call Quest e Rakim, Alex ci mostra il suo talento , in particolare con l’album SOULdope, e soprattutto con il pezzo Lousiana Sky. Aspettiamo un vostro feeback. Ah dimenticavamo di dirvi che questo pezzo e’ in free download via Bandcamp

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