Published On 5 July 2016 | By DJ Blast | R&B

ROY WOODS - MENACE (PRODUCED BY OMARI JABARI AND RASHAD HUSEIN)Howdy cool people , today we have to sing the praises of canadian star-in-the-making Roy Woods.The bona-fide r&b performer hit our senses last year in May and we decided to include his superlative talent on da r&b selections The Future Is Here , Chase The Sound and the recent Comfort Music .Roy Woods debut project Exis earned positive feedback and approval from worldwide urban media and megazines, confirming his boundless potential and we have to say , Ovo Sound excellent foresight , made the label stronger, enlisting the skilful singer! Recently the Brampton-bred phenomenon, dropped his sophomore body of work titled Waking At Dawn ….and….well…he did it again! Mr.Woods surrounds himself with creative minds and brilliant beat-architects such as FrancisGotHeat , Prezident Jeff , Murda Beatz and L.A. Chase in order to create a superlative opus whose core is an amazing establishment of chilling tonal environment and seductive melodies that intertwine to form a beautiful piece of invites y’all to explore the outstanding Waking At Dawn and in the meantime we recommend to experience the intoxicating Menace.The supa-luscious nut is finely crafted by Omari Haneef-Jabari , a multi-talented producer/songwriter/performer from Toronto Suburbs of Markham and Rashad Husein…..well…we can assert these two young dudes made an impressive work in terms of production, giving us one of the most interesting piece of the year!!

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