Published On 13 January 2017 | By DJ Blast | R&B

RAY BLK - PATIENCERecently we take off from Queens for a little trip to London, in particular the south side of the city.

As we were enjoying a savory and supa-fat burger at Big Fat Gourmet, our buddy and U.K collaborator Mike passed us his headphones to introduce a recent piece entitled Patience.

Damn…..the sound was cool and the vocals so fucking impressive!

The artist behind that song goes by the name of Ray Blk.

Rita Ekwere aka Ray Blk is a bright triple-threat from Catford , she sings,she raps,she writes her lyrics with a humble but solid and clever approach.

Two years ago Ray Blk dropped her debut work called Havisham , a concept project that revolves around

the story of a girl who falls in love, has her heart broken and so becomes the cold hearted miss havisham.

Last year Ms. Blk released the intriguing, mature and well-appointed mini-album entitled Durt which paved the way for her success through the uplifting sonic experience of superlative tracks like 50/50 , Chill Out (supported by a stunning video),Baby Girlz and My Hood.

Well, we can assert this young supa-talented woman is destined to break the european boundaries to earn recognition all over the world,because her music exudes passion,honesty and quality!!

Hats off to you Ray Blk, the world is yours!

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