Published On 18 April 2016 | By DJ Blast | NEO-SOUL, SOUL

scratchtheblock RAVEENA - YOU GIVE ME THAT (PRODUCED BY EVERETT ORR)As we drank a Mast Bros Mocha at The Queens Kickshaw , the homie Jake “Pretty” Davis surprised us “hey men, listen to this!!”……damn, a kinda of airy and soothing voice filled us with rapture and awe! The voice got a name and the name is Raveena Aurora.The  Sikh Indian-American singer/songwriter offered us a brilliant piece titled You Give Me That. (purchase the single) That’s not her debut single , in fact she kicked off her musical journey a couple of years ago,when her style flirted with pop and folk melodies.  The new offering sounds more mature,touching and captivating,incorporating elements of jazz and modern soul and unveiling a strong influence from Sade, D’Angelo, Amy Winehouse, psychedelic soul from the 70’s.  The compelling production is masterfully handled by Everett Orr, a singer/producer as well as member of N.Y small label 10 Fold . Trust us , this is eargasmic music for your soul!

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