Published On 1 August 2014 | By DJ Blast | NEO-SOUL


As great promoters of quality music, today we want to serve you up a sought-after work performed by a talented indie neo-soul songstress straight from the Renaissance City, Detroit!!!

Ladies & gentleman pay attention and take notes, we are introducing Ms. Irene Renee.

Ms. Irene Renee is a Detroit native and New York based songstress that literally conquered our soul with her debut full-lenght album titled Serendipitous Experience.  We think it’s obvious people would really appreciate her music, if it had more exposure, so we wanna share with our fans her project released last year.

Serendipitous Experience is an album that speaks clearly the worldwide language of neo-soul, displaying the harmonious,supa-warm,refined rendition of an artist that represents the perfect example how people can reach their dreams with a massive dose of perseverance (and surely a remarkable talent!).

Contemplating the incredible vocal prowess of Ms Irene Renee, it’s impossibile don’t compare her powerful and sultry voice to a neo-soul icon like Jill Scott.

Now put this record on and chill a bottle of Dom Pérignon, dim the lights and start the uplifting experience into the world of Ms. Irene Renee and her sumptuous masterpiece Serendipitous Experience.

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