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stream Moonchild third album VoyagerAmber Navran, Max Bryk and Andris Mattson are back with their third album entitled Voyager released under the flag of Brighton based record label Tru Thoughts (home for avant-garde artists such as Quantic,Space Captain,Nostalgia 77 and Alice Russell among others).

Oh yes!

Everytime we listen to a new Moonchild project , we live a sort of cathartic experience, an epiphany and suddenly it’s like everything is clear, our mind and body reborn and feel good vibrations pump through our veins!

Voyager is another masterpiece designed and created by three artists who achieved an immeasurable level of perfection,their musical background,skills,musical influences merge together to hone a signature and eclectic sound that encompasses neo-soul,jazz and even hip-hop (two years ago they worked with Mac Miller on the piece called Two Matches from Miller’s GO:OD AM).

Last year Max Bryk dropped an interesting EP as solo artist entitled Reverie flexing his “fusion approach” and delighting our palate with a musical melting-pot where hip-hop meets jazz and nu-soul.

Andris Mattson released in 2015 the mellow,short but intense EP called Water under the moniker Wildflower . 

…and Ms. Amber Navran is not only the lead vocalist of the trio but she represents a pure phenomenon she got great skills as instrumentalist,songwriter and composer….well a real force of nature! invites you to experience the ultra-beaming Voyager and in order to warm up your senses we serve you up the masterpiece called Run Away.

People let’s vibe with us and show Moonchild some love!

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