Published On 23 July 2016 | By DJ Blast | NEO-SOUL

scratchtheblock LOONA DAE FEAT. ORA - DIE 4 UChi-Town is living a kind of  musical renaissance, it represents a fertile ground for all those artists who want to experiment a new sonic dimension! So artists like Chance Tha Rapper with his side project The Social Experiment , Mike Jenkins, Saba, NoName Gipsy,Sidewalk Chalk ,Joey Purp,themPEOPLE are just a few of the artists responsible for this new exciting musical wave.

But…wait a minute….if you try to dig deeper into Chicago music scene you can discover more’n’more interesting names to pay attention!

Loona Dae and Page “Ora” Kallop are two artists which mesmerized us with class and an intriguing sound!

Loona Dae is a vocalist,songwriter and producer and Ora is a guitarist/songwriter/producer both involved on a musical project called The Highness Collective , an eclectic ensemble of skilful musicians,producers,songwriters,singers and emcee which art can be described as an artful stew of good music that encompasses funk,soul and hip-hop!

Last month T.H.C dropped the self-titled EP  but today we focus our attention on a superb tune produced, written and performed by Loona Dae assisted by Ora on guitar titled Die 4 U.

Well, what we have to say? 

The song presents a pretty soulful environment to get lost in and we think Loona and co. will have much to offer to the eager-eared listeners!!

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