L.A.M.P – Shades Of Green (Album Recommended)

Published On 7 October 2013 | By DJ Blast | NEO-SOUL


Oh my Gosh, this vibe melts down in my vein like a sweet drug! Tonight i wanna make a tribute to one of the best album of 2013 : Shades Of Green by L.A.M.P. Who is L.A.M.P?  It’s a project that include two interesting and talented artists: Andy Compton and Ladybird! Let me give you some info about them.

Andy Compton is one of  the most respected House Music producers in the UK , he came from Bristol , known as the golden temple of Dubstep,Trip Hop, Drum n Bass and House. Maybe you will think that it’s a strange thing for us sing the praises of an house DJ but there is a big big reason for this!! 

Ladybird Paris is a French singer/songwriter with a background that includes: jazz,soul,hip hop,acid jazz and deep-house.

They join their respective skills under the name L.A.M.P and what you will hear is something wonderful,soulful,intimate and very chic! Let me know what do you think about it!

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