Published On 10 July 2016 | By DJ Blast | R&B

KENJI - SURPLUSIn 2011 , r&b crooner Frank Ocean released the mixtape nostalgia,ULTRA giving to the world a fresh,innovative and a new perspective of r&b music,leaning towards simple but deep,enlightening and nostalgic landscapes finely crafted by well-known artists like Tricky Stewart,James Fauntleroy,Midi Mafia and Bei Maejor.

Well, today wants to stimulate your hunger for good music and  it’s a great pleasure to recommend something interesting with the same vibe of Ocean’s projects.

In June , indipendent record label Sports Day Records offered to the world a little masterpiece written,produced and performed by Philadelphia rookie Kenji,titled I’ll Think of Something Better . 

Damn….we stumbled upon a secret,precious and rare nut and we’re very exciting to share it with y’all.

Matthew Evans aka Kenji provided an extremely unique album with a natural flow and a great experimental structure that definitely deserves a listen.

I’ll Think of Something Better is a sonic experience that basks in cathartic and alluring downtempo beats and murmured and spoken word vocals!

Let us serve you up what we consider the centerpiece of the entire opus: Surplus.

Sit back and relax , dim the light and close your eyes because Surplus is a delightful,eargasmic,luscious voyage that leaves you in a cloud of tranquility and inspiration.

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