Published On 25 June 2014 | By DJ Blast | JAZZ, NEO-SOUL, R&B


Ontario based flautist Jef Kearns is surely a great innovator.

With a musical background imbued with rhythm n blues and neo-soul music, this trained craftsman has been able to deliver a fresh,original and soaring music blended wisely the airy,mellow,graceful sound of flute with the sterling groove of neo-soul and jazz and the modern touch of r&b.

It’s an unconventional new conception but surely very very very impressive!

Detroit Jazz Magazine defines Kearns as a musician “that makes the flute speak the urban language of soul” and we are totally agree with this consideration. This year Kef Kearns released his masterpiece titled Soulfisticated recruiting some names of Canada urban scene: Slakah The Beatchild (check out his Soul Movement Vol.1 and Vol.2 )Dynesti Williams,Karen Jewels , Divine Brown , Aria Zenua , Lisa Michelle.

Soulfisticated is an hotch-potch of creativity that enraptures your senses, so don’t esitate to discover, taste and purchase this 5 stars project.

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