Published On 4 December 2017 | By DJ Blast | JAZZ, NEO-SOUL

scratchtheblock J.LAMOTTA AND THE DIZZY SPARROW - ADVICEAs a genuine music platform , born with the main aim to spread and support quality music performed by emerging artists  , we work hard to discover new talents and we work hard to push their shit through our international catchment area for one simple reason: every aspiring artist,rapper,musician,producer,beatmaker,singer with a dream and a strong personality equipped with diligence which try day after day to achieve their goal ….well…..they really deserve support!With that preamble, today, we invite our cool listeners to get familiar with a new emerging artist which really impressed our staff with a superb and ethic work.We’re talking about Tel Aviv born and Berlin-based J.Lamotta. Musician,producer and singer , J.Lamotta is a kind of triple-threat with a musical background that has its roots in jazz music. Fascinated by her fresh modern approach that flirts with urban elements like hip-hop and neo-soul with an organic process , we dove into her fantastic and appealing music galaxy. In 2015 Lamotta kicked off her musical path with the EP Dedicated To , followed by Grains Of Sands released last year but what knocked we out was State Of Being dropped in June. State Of Being is a mini opus , assembled with the formula of live sessions assisted in studio by a tight-knit group called The Dizzy Sparrow,consisting of background vocalists Aloo Chandra & Sera Kalo , keyboardist Doron Segal , bassist Martin Buhl Staunstrup and drummer Pier Ciaccio. Finally Ms. Lamotta caught the attention of one of the most interesting label (at international level!!!) , Jakarta Records , a Berlin based independent company which housed dope artists such as Ivan Ave, Illa J,Ill Camille,grammy-award winning producer/rapper Like among others. Recently J.Lamotta reached her first goal , releasing a new album via Jakarta Records entitled The Conscious Tree. Now buckle up and prepare to roll , this is da supa-smooth and groovy piece called Advice from the project State Of Being.

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