Published On 27 December 2016 | By DJ Blast | HIP HOP NEW SCHOOL, HIP HOP UNDERGROUND

j.cole J.COLE - LIGHTS PLEASE (NUBBZ REMIX)Europe is crawling with talented hip-hop producers/beatmakers and Netherlands often gave us a taste of the sound of its beat-wizards!

Names such as FS Green,Perquisite,I.N.T,Chef Red,Jarreau Vandal,Stan Forebee,Moods,Full Crate contributed to push the dutch sound and today we invite y’all to get familiar with another interesting artist.

If you scout out Nubbz soundcloud you’ll discover a bunch of cool revisitions of hip-hop pieces.

From Nas to Blu,from Childish Gambino to Danny Brown , Nubbz always get the chance to flex his skills as bright remixer flipping great tunes.

Recently Nubbz resumed J.Cole Mixtape The Warm Up , to recalibrate the amazing track entitled Lights Please produced by Cole himself and we have to say, the final result sounds melodic and captivating.

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