Ill Conscious – When It Sounded Like ThisIll Conscious – When It Sounded Like This

Published On 26 April 2014 | By DJ Blast | HIP HOP UNDERGROUND

Ill Conscious - When It Sounded Like This

On the underground hip-hop selection titled We Select,We Certify , we introduced Baltimore rapper Ill Conscious. In 2013 Lavar Coscious dropped the promo single titled When it Sounded Like This , that will be included on his upcoming album titled The Essence. The project includes the solid and compelling track called The Pledge, as well as a remix version of When It Sounded Like This masterfully cared by team producers from Norway: Loop.Holes that made a great work during the production of Phantom Thrett album . 

Ill Consciuous grabbed our attention putting his effort and craft into political and society themes, performing dope conscious rhymes that represent an expression of high ideals in order to start a new conception to make hip hop music that conveys positive and inspirational messages!


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