Published On 18 July 2014 | By DJ Blast | NEO-BLUES, SOUL

GIRL BLUE - SAY SOMETHING scratchtheblock

After the release of the mixtape Love ,Onitsha  and her collaboration on the last acclaimed Lil John Roberts studio album titled The Heartbeat ,  r&b/gospel songstress Onitsha Shaw joins her forces with Tiffany Palmer founding a new group called Girl Blue.

In order the showcase their music, the two talented singers releases their official debut track titled Say Something!

Well,we have to admit that Girl Blue really impressed us with a re-arrangement of a successful ballad originally performed by singer/composer Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino known as members of indie-pop group A Great Big World ( check out the visual).

Girl Blue re-invent Say Something adding a touch of rock n blues flava that fits perfectly with the sultry,soulful voices of Tiff and Oni , enhanced with the majestic talent of California producer/guitarist Jairus Mozee on guitar.

It’s an interesting debut , so stay tuned and don’t forget to support the artist!

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