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FREDFADES FEAT. CHESTER WATSON - MAGIAIt’s a warm afternoon , we’re just chilling and relaxing with da squad at scratchtheblock headquarter, when our selector Jimmy “YellowMan” Shapiro comes up with a bomb!

He presses play and the speakers starts to spread out the supa-mellow beats by Fredfades last opus Warmth!

Damn we’re losing our mind , we’re feeling like we are under the influence of a fucking relaxing drug but….surprise…. it’s not marijuana,it’s not mescalin,it’s not weed….

The norwegian DJ/producer Fredrik Øverlie aka Fredfades put a spell on us with his offering called Magia.

The member of hip-hop collective Mutual Intentions (we highly recommend to spend some time to experience the sound of its affiliate : By Nights , High Rhodes , Vibes and obviously Ivan Ave masterpiece Low Jams confirms his solid skills as producer (one of our fav of the moment) and after blowing our mind with collaborative projects like Jazz Cats and Fruitful, he leaps back sticking another feather in his cap with Warmth released under Dan Englander and Peter McCaffrey’s label King Underground.

Warmth is an exhaustive portrait of Fredfades music attitude strongly influenced by old-school hip-hop and jazz sonorities, masterfully wrapped through weapons like MPC2000XL & The SP1200,Yamaha DX7, ,Wersi AP6 ,ARP Odyssey MK III.

The project boasts appearances from Mndsgn,MoRuff,MED,Nanna B and Fredfades longstanding partner-in-crime Ivan Ave among others.

Check out the chill piece called Magia featuring St.Louis native producer/rapper Chester Watson  whose multisyllabic bars find a good chemestry over  the hazy, jazz inflected boom-bap beat cooked by Fredfades.

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