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It’s always hard for nostalgic fans to find and review something modern that people conventionally  pigeonholes as r&b music!

Time changes everything! Changes cities,changes culture,changes trends…..and of course, changes music.

Involution or evolution, we don’t know what’s the proper way to read “music mutation” but it’s clear that genres like r&b change,particularly, in terms of productions.

Do you remember the amazing productions by Jermaine Dupri for Usher, or Polow Da Don , Dre & Vidal, LT Hutton,B.Cox and the list goes on..

With the coming of artists like The Weeknd and producers such as Illangelo,Noah “40” Shebib we saw a new way to approach , in particular with a massive use of electronic imbued with downtempo,dark and contemplative inflection.

Some critics/journalists started to talk about prog-r&b , alt-r&b, experimental r&b and the rest is history…

Although we are into 90s/00s r&b music , sometimes we discover interesting artists/producers that deserve attention and respect for their appealing approach.

This year we recommended interesting artists such as: Asha , Twinkids , Louis Mattrs , Tom Bailey , Reece , Dornik

Now prepare yourself for a new entry at!

Recently we stumbled upon the music performed by Fortunes.

Fortunes is the brainchild of Melbourne based vocalist Conor McCabe and rapper/producer Barnaby Matthews.

In January Conor and Barnaby joined their prowess to record the debut EP called Hoodie , unveiling a good project where r&b laid back sonorities meet electronic production for a stripped-down music that perfectly fits with Conor seductive vocals.

Fortunes are currently working on a new EP entitled  Jacket EP (due for release in the coming months) and in order to warm up the audience, they unleashed a new single called Justin Bieber.

Damn….the new joint is the luscious proof of what Fortunes are able to create: a captivating and seductive landscape for almost 4 minutes of pure pleasure!

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