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Imagine a rapper with a style that sounds like a mishmash of Mos Def,Chance The Rapper and Tyler The Creator.

It would be dope,right?

Well, we got it! We’re talking about Dre’es a young emcee which comes straight from Wilmington, a neighborhood in the Los Angeles area.

Recently we stumbled upon his so-fucking-dope project called Cancelled Playlist , a 3-tracks-ouvre that sounds majestic from start to finish.

Inspired by artists such as Childish Gambino, Tyler The Creator,Kendrick Lamar and Isaiah Rashad , the young hip-hop rookie got big plans for the future , starting with his own small indipendent imprint Futile Sound , founded with da collaboration of like-minded artists Pontiac D.Jones (producer/rapper) and Maurice (producer).

We highly recommend to pick up your favorite headphones , pump up the volume and contemplate the sumptuous groovy hip-hop cut titled Couches And Crowns (make sure you to peep out the official video)

Scratchtheblock squad takes advantage of this occasion to introduce to our audience a superlative rising producer: Kiefer Shackelford.

The California musician/producer is the genius behind Couches And Crowns and Dre’es has explained to us the story behind the fruitful collaboration for this joint!

“The way this song came together was pretty interesting. I found Kiefer through a Mndsgn show in LA last September. I gave him a flash drive of my music and we communicated through Instagram and he invited me over to make a track. When i got there he already had the drum pattern. He layered everything else over it once i came through. The beat switch was on accident, he was really vibing and feeling the beat he just kept going and created the outro which blew both our minds. I wrote to that part than and there cause that shit was too fyee. I finished the first half a week later. Kiefer also used the outro on his beat tape Kickin it alone. He just added a piano solo on it.”


Kiefer is carving his own lane , earning the attention and the respect of fans, media and artists like Stones Throw affiliate Mndsgn , which recruited K to play together under the moniker Mndsgn Trio along side Philly’s best kept secret Swarvy. In terms of musical approach we love to define Kiefer as son of Coltrane and Dilla , a rising artist with a level of musicianship and perspective that ranks him on top of the list of promising hip-hop producer of da current music scene!

In May Kiefer released via Los Angeles label Leaving Records his exquisite instrumental project called Kickin It Alone and frankly we envisage a bright future for Mr. Shackelford.

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