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Conversation with Tall Black Guy

When people listen to great music and appreciate the vibe , the rhythm , the groove surely there is behind a scrupulous and smart work by a producer that give it a personal imprint!  Tall Black Guy is not simply another interesting name on hip hop game,  he is definitely a masterful beatmaster and one of the most rising stars of the black music scene. Listening to his unbelievable remix like Hieroglyphics by Maylee Todd (under the independent label Do Right! Music), Promise by collective Sola Rosa or Let it go by Temika  Moore or listening to his productions for Malice & Mario Sweet or the re-works of ZO! ‘s This Could Be The Night and Robert Glasper Experiment’s Move Love with which Terrell won The Robert Glaspers Remix Contest, we realized that the kid got the game to become a real guru!

Here you are the interview that Terrell Wallace aka Tall Black Guy released on

STB: Well, first of all we wanna thank you to be on Scratchtheblock and give us the possibility to interview you.You welcome! Black Music scene is reach of talented beatmakers, many of which caught up our attention thanks their classy & masterful production credits. You are a great discover to us! When did you realize your vocation for beatmaking?

TBG: Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I started off beatboxing for many years. I was always fascinated by how hip hop beats were put together and I loved reading the album credits to see who produced a particular song I liked. So one day I decided I wanted to make music.

STB: You were born in Detroit,the birthplace of one of the most authoritative producer in the hip hop game! How did J Dilla influence your musical background? Is there a particular producer that you feel like a mentor for you?

TBG: Jay Dee was one of my favorite producers ,but the guy I looked to was DJ Premier. He still has some of the illest sample chops.Everything Premo produced for Gang Starr was just amazing to me. Pete Rock was another producer I looked up to as well.

STB: As we could see, much of your production is distinguished by soulful beats. What do you think about the “involution” of black music  such hip hop and r&b that are mixed with most popular pop,electro-dance music, creating a mainstream product?

TBG: To be honest I don’t think much of mainstream music mainly because I really don’t listen to it. I’m still stuck in the Golden era of  Hip Hop.

STB:  Is there a performer with would you like to team up for a collabo?

TBG: My ultimate collaboration would be Jill Scott on Vocals, and Lonnie Liston Smith on the keys

STB: Any project for the future?

TBG: I want to possibly try a whole jazz inspired album. It would be dope to work with some live musicians

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