I Call It Nu-Blues: CharlieRed Religion EPI Call It Nu-Blues: CharlieRed Religion EP

Published On 13 August 2013 | By DJ Blast | NEO-BLUES, NEO-BLUES

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Hey folks, wassup?

The 2012 was a great year for brand new original albums.

R&B music , after a series of improbable collaborations made of dance, pop and elctro-house sounds (that denaturalized r&b),   seems to tell us: “Hey i’m back”, thanks one of the best album of the last decade: Channel Orange by the hot voice of  the collettive OFWGK†Δ  aka ODD FUTURE, Frank Ocean!

However Channel Orange is not the only album that deserve to be mentioned!

I’m talking about CharlieRed project.

After released in 2011 his album, Simply Twisted, that gave us an authoritative song , Woman (well, i admit it, it’s my fav Rocki’s track), Rocki Evans decides to team up with producer Cobain Ivory to work on an EP that will be very innovative, Religion.

Listening to Religion, it’s like if  i was catapulted in 50’s when blues phenomenon artists like Muddy Waters played masterpieces such Mannish Boy but everything is revisited with contemporary sounds, in  a masterly, innovative and intelligent mix of  hip hop, soul and blues sound!

The only one thing, that i think when i was playing Could Be, was: ” Damn, this is cool, this is a fresh breath, this is Nu-Blues !”

I consider Nu-Blues the appropriate word to describe the spirit of this album because it includes the essential semplicity tipical of blues, where the purpose is not show perfect sounds and virtuosity but focus on emotions and semplicity!

In this sense CharlieRed and Religion represent a new way to make music, that enrapture for its innovation and its brave choice to mix several genres!

So , i really recommend you this masterpiece and if you like  what u hear,please support the artist!

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