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Hey folks, here we are with one of the most rising group of the black music scene!! We are talking about CharlieRED, that step by step are earning much respect from the critics,blogger and music jornalists. We knew Rocki Evans thanks his EP Simply Twisted and we recognized his authentic and eclectic talent, not only as r&b artist but also as blues man! In 2012 another ambitious project took shape and after a fruitful randezvous with the producer Cobain Ivory we saw  the birth of Religion EP. CharlieRED and their EP brought with them a fresh breath of new stuff in the music biz,dominated by mainstream pop-elctro-dance sounds!! Religion EP is an album with blues connotations and hip hop influences!! With their most recent album, called Muse, they confirm a great versatility, so after a mixture of blues and hip hop you can find brand new sounds diametrically opposite like rock . Like Cobain says: Rock and Hip Hop represent both sides of me as a producer!

Let’s start with an interview with CharlieRED

STB: Tell us about your first approach into the music biz!

Rocki Evans: My initial approach to the music business was to be on every hook, every showcase and in every studio; everyday. That’s really how I started to get my name familiar in the business, more hard work than anything.

STB: One of our fav song is Woman ,from the EP Simply Twisted. Well, in this song seems transpire a natural propensity to blues vibes! It was like an anticipation of  CharlieRed project sounds! So, what about the influence of blues in your own musical background ?

Rocki Evans: Man, the blues birthed me man. I mean that, the blues showed me it was ok to hurt and express that. Growing up my mother didn’t allow my younger brother and I to listen to hip-hop. So all there was to listen to was either jazz, classical or the blues. As I grew older I just grew more attached to it and applied it to my craft.

STB: Sorry for the unoriginal question, but could you tell us which are the most important artists,that influenced your career?

Rocki Evans: No apologies needed. I’d say Bobby “Blue” Bland, Sam Cooke and Chess Records. They really inspired and influenced my career a great deal. Still learning, but I love what they offered to music.

STB:  Talk about CharlieRed project. How did you know the producer Cobain Ivory?And how this “creative randezvous” become a solid and original masterpiece?

Rocki Evans: Original masterpiece? Great wording man, lol. It occurred rather randomly. I was formally introduced to Cobaine through our manager, Ian. But before I met him, while I was singing on every hook and song? Yea, I sung over one of his beats and didn’t even know him. Lol isn’t it cool how the universe works?

STB: This is precisely the case where the phrase ,WORLD IS TOO SMALL, doesn’t sound rethoric!!ahahahaah..Did you expect this big positive feedback from US listeners?

Rocki Evans: I knew it was extremely special from the beginning. I felt an elevation within myself upon recording the first tune we ever recorded. I can’t say I expected it but I wasn’t surprised either.

STB: If you had the possibility to choice a performer with team up to make a collaboration?Give us 3 names!

Rocki Evans: Bobby “Blue” Bland, Sam Cooke and Ray Charles !!

Thank you very very much for this nice conversation, we want to wish you a long and wonderful career!!!  Big up to you.

It’s time to know something about  the producer Cobain Ivory!

STB: When did you realize the passion for the beatmaking?

Cobain Ivory:  I’ve been making music since I was 8 years old so I guess that passion was there all my life. I have a very musical family

STB:  We really appreciate your fancy production style , have you a mentor that introduce you to the fascinating world of the production?

Cobain Ivory:  Fancy? Thank you! I’ve always wanted a mentor early on in my career but I believe things ended up just as they should be. Normally, when you have a mentor, you tend to have a sound similar to them. I’m glad that it is difficult to hear my influences in the music I create.

STB:  What is your point of view about the electro-pop-dance influence on black music scene?

Cobain Ivory:  I’m not a big fan of the “imitation” of the electro-pop-dance sound. I believe if you create out of love, people will feel the music more. You can tell that the immitators are doing it for the money. But, it is necessary for music to evolve. i do enjoy the producers that you can tell truly love that sound. Some examples are:  Timbaland, Will.I.Am,etc

STB:  What is your fav producer in the black music game?

Cobain Ivory:  There are many producers out there that I’m influenced by and that have great work, but I aspire to have a career similar to that of Quincy Jones. 

STB: Are you working on brand new stuff?

Cobain Ivory:  There are ideas in the works but for now, download MUSE !!

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