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We never get tired of saying it: behind a dope record , there’s always a solid work of a brilliant producer!

Today for our column named Behind The Project , we focus our attention on one of the most interesting albums of the year recorded by an european rapper that made a splash overseas (a rare case in the history of hip-hop). We’re talking about the microphone master Ivan Ave, a Telemark,Norway emcee whose career is  exponentially growing through a series of compelling projects and outstanding collaborations.  At , we love to fuck with Ave’s signature mellow rhymes and we often give a spin to records like Helping Hands or Low Jams but the exciting galaxy of Ivan Ave music also gave us the opportunity to get familiar with the rest of his crew , Mutual Intentions , a fleet of creative minds that includes super-producer (and Ave frequent collaborator) Fredfades,Yogisoul,Ol’Burger Beats,Jawn Rice and SRAW, among others.We’re going to scout Ivan Ave last effort entitled Every Eye in order to get familiar with the producers involved .


Ringgo Ancheta aka Mndsgn is one of the most innovative and gifted hip-hop producers of the moment, in particular his eclectic sound made a strong impact in the Los Angeles area.  The Stones Throw affiliate recently teamed up with Los Angeles based Alima Jennings creating a new and fresh imprint named Akashik Records (which houses acts like Joyce Wrice,Koreatown Oddity,Nanna.B and B.Cool-Aid).  Mndsgn has left his fingerprints on Every Eye producing and co-producing 8 out of 14 tracks, confirming the good chemestry with Ave, whose laid-back flow perfectly feet the dirty and gritty soul vibes .



Damon “Dam-Funk” Riddick is a renowned musician, vocalist, and producer from Pasadena. Riddick particular ability to reinterpret da funk music with a distinctive and remarkable modern approach , led him to collaborate with a wide range of artists: Snoop Dogg,Daz Dillinger,MED,Blu,Mac Miller,Tyler The Creator just to name a few. Da supa-fonky act put his hands on the track entitled Steaming working behind the boards with another phenomenon, Kaytranada. The final result of the fruitful collaboration is an intergalactic sound and we bet you’ll have a real blast listening to it!




We met Virginia superb musician and trained producer DJ Harrison when we wrote da Behind The Project for the neo-soul masterpiece TigallErro . Producer, engineer, drummer, pianist, bassist, and guitarist  , Mr. Harrison impressed us with his musical vision and clever prowess to absorb different styles of music encompassing jazz,soul,blues,hip-hop,r&b,neo-soul. Harrison art of sampling through an organic process with live instruments represents another interesting quality of this incredible artist. DJ Harrison co-produced Fast Forward with Mndsgn and co-produced Jellylude and One Eye (our favorite track of the album) along side Sir Froderick. Recently DJ Harrison released an instrumental project under Stones Throw entitled HazyMoods


If you dive into Philly hip-hop producer Sir Froderick‘s Bandcamp catolog , you will enrapture by his head-nodding beats that flirts with sample-based rhythms,breakbeats,jazz and funk. Known also as Didaflo? , Froderick dropped last month da majestic instrumental project Rachel’s Suffering At The Hands Of The Sentinels. Sir Froderick and DJ Harrison cooked a collaborative work in 2015 called Songs About H.E.R under the moniker Sons Of Frod that includes Bassed Eyes and Bokchoy reintroduced for Every Eye tracks Jellylude and One Eye .




Ivan Ave longstanding partner-in-crime , Fredfades earning our respect churning out impressive productions and albums, unveiling a strong penchant for jazz sonorities, interesting leitmotiv of his works. Jazz Cats , a stunning album recorded with the help of  jazz trumpeter Kristoffer Eikrem is a clear example of Fredfades passion for “the marriage” between hip-hop and jazz. Fredfades produced the track George Duke (another superlative bomb!!) and co-produced Squint featuring Kristoffer Eikrem.This summer Fred’ dropped the well-appointed LP Warmth via King Underground label




Running Shoes and Old Eye are two pieces co-produced by San Diego-born musician/producer Kiefer . This dude literally intrigued us with his capability to paint vivid pictures through his supa-soulful notes that exude a jazz background and love for the king Jay Dee. Kiefer is paving the way for his success , unveiling excellent skills and an extraordinary musical vision as you can realize listening to his debut acclaimed LP Kickinit Alone released via Los Angeles label  Leaving Records




Yogisoul co-produced Old Eye. Grew up in a small town near Oslo, Yogi is another interesting member of Mutual Intentions crew.He described his music as 

an hotchpotch of vinyl samples, dusty rhodes chops, thick layered basslines and unquantized crispy drums. 

Last year Yogi released his debut work entitled By Nights , delighting our palate with jazzy and extra mellow beats.. 


Los Angeles rapper/producer Gabriel Stevenson known as Like is living a fruitful moment as producer cooking superlative productions for relevant albums like Malibu and Good Kid, M.A.A.D City as well as Good to Be Home and  I’M UUGLY. The grammy nominated producer co-produced Running Shoes. Make sure y’all to follow him because his hip-hop group Pac Div its working on a new album recruiting super-producers such as DJ Dahi, Swiff D and Esta from Soulection label. Recently Mr.Stevenson dropped the hit Backwoods, a collabo with Iman Omari featuring Compton rapper Buddy.




DJ/producer Kaytranada is one of the most in-demand artist of the moment! His trump card is the attitude to push the boundaries of his eclectic sound in a genuine and natural way. You can listen to his top-notch productions for his collaborative EP with Buddy, Ocean & Montana and then discover a new Kaytra style on his backdrops cooked for Sunni Colon or GoldLink. Kaytranada put his touch on the track entitled Steaming. Long live to the canadian beat-alchemist!!





The figure of Arthur Kay Piene got a relevent role in helping Ave & co to produce Every Eye. Mr.Piene is an Oslo jazz-pianist which interest on making music transcends the boundaries of tipical genres as you can realize listening to his side projects such as The Switch and Dr.Kay and his Interstellar Tone Scientists . We can describe Piene music as a kind of cosmos where alt-pop and psychedelic sonorities meet jazz! In 2015 Piene started to collaborate with Mutual Intentions , supporting Fredfades and jazz trumpeter Kristoffer Eikrem on their collaborative album Jazz Cats (playing synthesizer on three tracks).  On Every Eye , Arthur Piene put his musicianship on several tracks and he describes his collaboration in these terms: 

it was me colouring the beats coming out of LA. So most of what I’m doing on Every Eye is finishing touches,experimenting with longer lines and ideas, to go with the shorter loops that the beats are based on. We tried to incorporate some of the stuff  I’m doing with Ivan in a live setting 

Arthur co-produced the track titled Monitor , creating something like an 80s boogie vibe that perfectly fit Mndsgn laid-back drums.


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