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ALLYSHA JOY - SELFISH SCRATCHTHEBLOCKMusic is an incredible art form , you can call it hip-hop, jazz,neo-soul,future-soul,r&b but the real common thread is definitely the impact on all of us! 

We’re talking about emotions!

In some cases , artists are able to produce a kind of music that breaks the conventional boundaries of genres , putting their craft to a new level ,  a new dimension !

So performers such as Robert Glasper, Butcher Brown,Ezra Collective,Yussef Kamaal, Hiatus Kaiyote,Moonchild,Terrace Martin are contributing to push a groundbreaking sound that provide strong emotions!

In that exciting and creative scenario , you can stumble upon other interesting artists such as 30/70 Collective.  The australian ensamble impressed us with a sound that encompasses elements of jazz, dilla-esque hip-hop nuances and soul harmonies as you can realise listening to their recent album called Elevate

Well, Allysha Joy is a member of 30/70 band and in  just a short space of time she became one of the most exciting and interesting voices of the international music scene. 

Allysha Joy distinctive husky vocal tones are able to set a kind of acoustic intimacy that takes the listener to the clouds above and through her music she expresses a world made of emotional intensity.

Today we celebrate Allysha Joy artistry recommending her recent superb piece called Selfish , included on Compilation For Dominica released via U.K label Rhythm Section 

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