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CVAs you may have guessed (happily or unhappilywe’re kind of critical when it comes to recommend to you hip-hop music that deserves your attention.

We live in a time when the world wide web provides us with a tons of tools and sources to unearth good music but unfortunately we think hip-hop music is not living  a productive moment (at least in terms of quality music).

Yap, we got so many major labels which continue to push their artists for da sake of “GOD DOLLAR” but in our humble opinion the creative process, the genuine passion for what you’re doing seems to fade away,replaced by a new wave of trite so-called hip-hop.

Well,the current situation it’s not completely catastrophic,mind you (just think masterpieces such as Low Jams and Helping Hands by Ivan Ave , 4 Your Eyez Only by J.Cole , To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar,Songs Made While High by Like , Yes Lawd by NxWorries or the artful Cherry Bomb by Tyler The Creator).

Today we hope our cool listeners will appreciate the song that we’re going to introduce!

Born in Roseland, South Side of Chicago, Adamn Killa knocks we out with a piece that sounds so fucking cool called Too Late included on his brand new opus I Am Adamn . 

Grew up with a steady diet of Lil Wayne and Dipset , this young dude with faded pink dreads is earning positive feedback in particular in the european area where he got a solid fanbase.

What makes Too Late so intriguing?

Well, probably the mixture of Adamn’s raspy murmered bars and the top-notch production created by Shlohmo!

Yezzir, Henry Laufer better known by the stage name Shlohmo can be described as an avant-garde eclectic beat-wizard whose accurate sense of rhythm led him to range from different genres with an extraordinary non-chalance.

After the Def Jam break ( he worked on Goddes by BANKS and No More EP by Jeremih) , we see an artist with a different approach to music and music business, with increased self-confidence and ready to devote its unstinting efforts to the collective WEDIDIT

Adamn Killa song Too Late is definitely somenthing that got into your system, into your bloodstream inducing feel-good vibes through the smooth and brooding hip-hop aesthetic finely wrapped by Shlohmo!


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